25 06 2011

I found this site today. I quickly entered 10 Data terms with their answers. Do not enter a term with data and give the answer, as the quiz modes simply give the answer without any clues.

The finished quiz allows students to learn the terms or to have an automatically generated test on them, including true/false, multiple choice and written answers. There are also buttons to select matching of scattered definitions with their corresponding terms (Scatter) or a Space Race which has the definitions float across the screen and the student needs to type in the term being referred to.

The url can be inserted into Moodle as a weblink, for the students to do any particular section of the quizlet. I experimented with the Space Race but could have chosen the url at the stage of the above image to have given the students a choice of which activity they did.

This is a quick and easy site to use with numerous ways to reinforce terminology.




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