Tile game

3 09 2011

These games are made from the wooden tiles in car seat covers.

They all have the top side written in red and the bottom written in blue. The first has START on top. The student with that tile starts with “Who has” and reads what is on the bottom of their tile.The student with the answer says “I have” and reads what is written in red on the top of their tile. They continue with “Who has” and read what is on the bottom of their tile. This continues until the last student finds THE END.

In this example Score is on the back of the START tile. So the first student says “I have START. Who has score?” The second student says “I have number(s) data collected on. Who has tally for 5 (assuming that is on the back). And the process continues to the end.

This technique works well for formulas or definitions or shapes etc.




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