Mathematical Treasure Hunt

19 04 2012

Recently I’ve been using an idea a colleague created. There are 10 styles of questions, each with 4 problems of increasing difficulty, to be solved. The problems are colour-coded green (1 point), blue (2 points), yellow (3 points) and red (4 points). Ten numbered stations (each corresponding to a style of question) are chosen in the playground to leave a envelope containing all the problems for that style of question. I run the questions off on the respective coloured paper. This is easily achieved by typing the questions onto a 4 x 10 grid and then running the grid off on the 4 different coloured pieces of paper. If the stations are close together the students can look for the envelopes. If they are a distance apart it may be necessary to create a google map of the site. Make sure you put the stations in order. To prevent overcrowding at any station release the students in order of the stations – tell them which station they are starting at – and instruct them to go the next station numerically. They have 5 minutes on each station. I give no other instructions except to tell them whether or not they need a calculator. It is interesting to see how the different classes approach the problem. Each student has an answer sheet on which to record the 40 answers. Some groups choose only one question at each station – others individually work on different questions to get all the answers.
Year 9 finished Term 1 with a series of questions on Measurement and Volume. One question was to find the volume, surface area and weight of a piece of toblerone and then the whole block. Each student received a piece of toblerone in a small plastic bag as their treat.




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