Blogging and using twitter

17 08 2012

Earlier this week I was asked if I blog and why. This question provoked me to write a blog on the virtues of blogging, following blogs and using twitter for education.

Like all educators, I struggle to have enough time to follow all my interests so am an irregular blogger. Despite this, I consider it a valuable resource for those who follow me. My goal is to share some of the different lessons I experience with the students and some of the less common strategies I implement in the classroom. Most of the people who read my blog posts, have never met me.

I have a natural interest in using technology to better the understanding of the students and I aim to share as many as possible of these discoveries and experiences. The beauty of the blog is that I have in one place all the ideas that have at one point in the past been a high priority.

I now make a point of directing preservice and new teachers to my blog and a few of those I follow. I believe that future teachers who wish to stay up to speed with developing trends will only be able to do so if they blog and follow other bloggers. With the decline in written publications we need to move to alternative formats. A blog is ideal as it is quick to create and current at the time of issue, unlike books. Blogs also give a forum of dialogue for those who feel so inclined.

Whenever I speak at a conference I upload my files to my blog. This allows me to save the paper of a handout, ensure I have a copy for all present without having the waste of leftovers. This approach also means I can issue updates down the track or even further develop my resources and share these with conference attendees. I believe we will ultimately have all our inservice via blogs or similar platforms.

I use twitter to discover the new technologies. Although I rarely tweet I often spend a few minutes scanning the tweets of those I follow. Even if I was only to spend 5 – 10 minutes I would always see a new idea.

In conclusion, even though I am an irregular blogger and twitterer, I believe all teachers need to be part of this new world of communication.




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