Requirements for Day 1 of teaching (each year)

9 09 2012

I was speaking to my pre-service teacher about getting ready for the first day of school. This is the list we compiled. It is relevant for each year.

  1. Scope and Sequence for each class
  2. Copy of or link to Teaching Program for each class.
  3. Classlist for each class – I tape an Excel version to the cover of my text to record H/W infringements etc
  4.  Photos of the members of each class if they are available. I put these up at home to help me learn the names quicker.
  5. Assessment grid for each class.
  6. I type up my Timetable and place a copy in the textbook or folder for each class.
  7. Diary
  8. Classroom expectations
  9. Workbook expectations
  10. Timetable of Head Teacher

If starting in a new school one needs to check out

  1. Discipline Policy
  2. Times of each lesson and assemblies etc
  3. Meeting schedule
  4. Playground areas and rules
  5. Homework policy



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