Student Perspective of Videoing Solutions

22 02 2013

Today I asked the students what they had learnt from the experience of videoing their explanation of their solutions.

They told me that as they listened to the playback of their recording they were actually learning the work better.  The fact that they made mistakes and had to have several attempts, also meant they learnt the work better, in the process. All these components together, helped to boost their confidence.

I then asked about my feedback. They said this identified their mistakes so they were able to learn the work properly. The feedback was specific to their needs and private rather than in front of the class as happens when students explain their solutions in the classroom.

Consequently, I have have set the task again for the weekend. This time, they will explain the solutions to the questions they didn’t choose the first time.

All I have to do now, is to resolve the issues of the students who didn’t succeed in being able to email their work.




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