Rates and Ratios

13 03 2013

Today I started the topic of Rates and Ratios with Year 8. The teaching commenced with the ingredients for making my sponge recipe.

4 eggs

three quarters of a cup of sugar

2 cups of flour

2 tablespoons of milk.

I then informed the class that this mixture would fill 2 cake tins and asked them to work out the quantities to fill one cake tin. The challenge for some students was halving three quarters,

I also asked them to list the ingredients to make a double mixture of sponge and proceeded to ask them to work out the connection between the flour and sugar using whole numbers.

We then progressed to discuss making concrete in a cement mixer, where a shovel is used to count the the proportions of sand, gravel and cement in the ratio 4:2:1 respectively. We also worked out the proportions of each component resulting in 28 shovel fulls of mixture.

What a practical topic!




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