Enquiry based learning

20 06 2013

This week I have been encouraged to use more enquiry based learning in my classes.

Year 10 were studying Graphs of Physical Phenomena. The task was to work in pairs and use the mini-whiteboards to draw the graph of a paper aeroplane or scrunched piece of paper as it was thrown. The resulting graphs ranged from straight lines if the plane was thrown towards the ground, a parabolic arch if the plane was thrown upwards and an interesting wobble or undescribable path if the wind managed to intercept the trajectory. The students were engaged and understood the speed of the plane at various points of the graph.

Year 11 are studying Single Data Sets which is riddled with terminology. I designed a set of dominoes with the term and a graph or definition on each domino (piece of paper). The term and graph were on different dominoes. The students worked together and derived the correct order of the tiles. It was a helpful way of revising the work. At the end of the session I gave each student a miniature version of the dominoes for future revision.

Dominoes are an easy way to revise or reinforce any topic. I have made them on numerous occasions.





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