Deep Thinking, Deep Learning and New Pedagogy all tied up Together

2 03 2014

This year with my new role as Deep Thinking Strategist I have been challenged to reflect on how to foster deep thinking whilst encouraging deep learning. Simultaneously I have been participating in a Deep Learning MoocIn the classroom we are team teaching in order to better address all the aspects we believe necessary to develop within our students a thirst for lifelong learning and a curiosity to pursue independent learning as well as excellence. As part of this plan we are posting all our lessons on the school’s intranet to allow more time with the students and to have a platform for revision and work completion when students are absent. I am finding that I offer more choice in lesson activities as the other teacher and I discuss our methods of delivery. I have just developed a google form to receive feedback from the students for the topic I have just delivered to them. It may well undergo a transformation before the students complete it later this week but meanwhile here it is for your use. Please make a copy before using it.

I am yet to implement peer and self assessment more widely in the lessons.

So all in all it has been a busy start to the year.





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