Feedback for Student Improvement

20 04 2014

Marking is a time consuming aspect of teaching. Done incorrectly it can have significant negative results as well.
The challenge is to support the struggling student. A multitude of crosses will result in the submission being binned and your time taken to mark being wasted.
Firstly, having read an article years ago on the negative impact of marking in red, I use pink.
It is easy to circle the correct multiple choice response rather than use a cross. This guides the student for improvement.
As for worked solutions, I circle an error for each mark lost and tick correct responses. It is too time consuming and fraught with missing the error point to write solutions for every mistake for every student. Instead I use a Livescribe Smartpen to write worked solutions which I upload to the intranet for student access. The beauty of this practice is that my verbal explanation is also recorded to be accessed by the student. This covers the student who was absent the day the concept was taught, never understood the concept or who forgot the method. As different students need support at different stages of any solution, this method meets the needs of everyone simultaneously, with only one transcript from the teacher. The transcript can be rewound in 5 second intervals to rehear problem sections, too. Students are also able to start the transcript wherever is pertinent for them. They merely click at the solution section corresponding to their error. An efficient winner for all involved.





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