10 Tips to help your HSC class maximise focus in their remaining time

6 09 2014

As Year 12 classes draw to a close I am thinking about all the strategies to best support students to achieve their best results.
1) Ask them what they wish to have revised. These top tip sessions may only last a few minutes. Make sure you allow them to ask questions to clarify their confusion.
2) Give them sections of unseen papers under timed conditions to practise their examination technique. This could be just the multiple choice section or one of the response questions or a whole lesson. All versions are important.
3) Mark some of their responses to give individual feedback but also give them the marking guidelines to mark some sections themselves. They need to know what the marker is focusing on.
4) Give them unseen Trials from other schools to do in entirety at home in one sitting to practise their overall pacing for the HSC. They should have at least 2 completely unattempted papers and solutions at the conclusion of their final lesson.
5) The more papers they do the more they will come to know the key points of the course. Starting with last years HSC and working back as far as they have time, they should do and then mark previous HSC’s. The goal should be the past 10 years if at all possible.
6) If they only have time to do part of a paper then that should still be attempted in proportional time allocation.
7) The night before the actual HSC examination they should redo the previous years paper. Some questions within, will be reexamined in a similar context.
8) Read the markers feedback for at least the previous year. Some of the poorly attempted questions will be reexamined.
9) Study guides are paramount in giving a different perspective. One or two should be consulted regularly by the student.
10) Reinforce the individual focus points to individual students. Comment on their progress on the scripts you mark. To help with the marking load, mark some submissions whilst they continue their timed response. Quick feedback is important to them and your keeping up with your workload is important to you.
In a longer timed session it is possible to whisper support to a student challenged by a particular question. This is a great way to support individuals in need.




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