I met Jo Boaler Today

17 04 2015

This is certainly a career highlight. I have been reading Jo’s books for years and following her ideas and online courses. 

I now have a signed copy of her latest book.


Jo now has a Möbius scarf which I knitted.


Following this highlight, I wandered around he exhibition lounge of the NCTM conference for an hour or so. There are over 10000 attendants and over 700 presentations on Maths teaching for all levels of schooling. I am blown away by the number of resources and manipulatives to support Maths teaching. I saw sets of cards on numerous mathematical topics following the idea of I have…. (This answers the previous students question) Who has…. I have been designing tiles, dominoes and paper cards along this line ever since I saw a preschool version drilling vocab or shapes, years ago.

I then came across the stand promoting #MTBoS   (MathTwitterBogosphere) which shares lots of cool Maths ideas and resources. I will certainly be following this up. There is also a website at exploremtbos.wordpress.com

And I finished the day by attending the presentation of Jo Boaler. 


That will be a later post to be fair to the presentation.




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