Viva La Revolution from Jo Boaler

24 04 2015

My greatest honour in attending the NCTM conference in Boston was to meet Professor Jo Boaler and get her to sign a copy of her newest release.

I have just finished reading it- yes I know that’s sad when I’m holidaying in the U.S.
I will give some key points from the preface with the sole intention of persuading you to buy your own copy for thorough digestion.
  • Timed tests and speed competitions can cause early onset of math anxiety for many students.
  • Students with a “growth mind-set”- believe intelligence and “smartness” can be learned- proceed to higher levels of achievement, engagement and persistence.
  • That Maths is a gift is a myth.
  • All students can learn Maths to high levels with good teaching experiences.
  • Working on complex Maths enables brain connections to develop.
  • When students make a mistake in Maths their brain grows, synapses fire and connections are made, and they don’t even need to know they’ve made a mistake, for their brain to grow. Struggle is a component of the key to brain growth. 
A final statement that really struck a chord for me was
and that “all children deserve the very best mathematical future possible.
Thank you Jo for your insight, research and hope that Maths is the No. 1 subject in the near future.



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