The Power of a Postit

31 05 2015

One of my classes has a couple of students inclined to ask their question when it suits them rather than waiting for permission. It has been becoming a more regular event.

I decided it had to change as, if it wasn’t impacting the other students, it certainly was impacting the quality of my teaching. 

I started the lesson by quietly giving everyone a postit and telling them I’d explain what it was for, in a minute. I use postits for all sorts of things so it is not uncommon for me to issue them. 

I then explained my feelings and said I could not allow the interruptions to continue as I was unhappy with the impact on my teaching. I also said that if no-one else was unhappy then that was good, but as I was, then the system was changing. I explained that the postit was to record questions as they came to mind and that I would take questions at the end of each section of teaching- equivalent to about a paragraph. I also said that invariably the questions were about content I planned to say in the next sentence and without the interruption the explanation would have flowed better.

It worked like a dream and there were no questions. 





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