Tinkering Day

6 06 2015

Yesterday the primary classes of my school had a tinkering day. 

Students formed groups and rotated through a selection of activities during the day. 

I was part of the craft room. There were displays of a variety of material and paper crafts. There were numerous helpers ready to share their expertise and help the little people start their projects. 

Each group started with a video of the reading of the book “The Most Magnificent Thing” outlining how the result of our creativity is dependent upon our attitude. Enthusiasm results in a better thought out/ designed creation.

French knitting occupied one corner. Students made their own French knitter with a cardboard roll and paddle pop sticks. Nearby was a huge version which used rope instead of wool. It grew quickly as the day progressed. 2 hours in and the creation reached across the classroom and contained several balls. 





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