Processes for Parent Teacher Interviews

20 07 2015

With Parent Teacher interviews later this week, I am reminded to blog on some successful practices.

One teacher I observed recently, greets the parents by enthusiastically recounting all the positive attributes of the student. Work ethic, home learning habit, approach to the work issued, quiz results, politeness, presentation and enthusiasm were all topics I noted to be discussed for various students. This is in contrast to my practice, which tends to be rather results focussed. 

One resource I used last set of interviews and which the parents appreciated, was to have a breakdown of the half yearly results by component and then topic, with the marks allocated for each aspect. I had set the paper having equal marks for each of the 3 topics studied to date and also knew which question parts related to which aspects of the topic. This gave in-depth feedback of each student’s ability to reproduce the required knowledge. 

The parents were grateful for the information and I had ample evidence of how the student was handling the current work.

This experience will guide how I set future papers and prepare for Parent Teacher interviews.

The photo below shows how I recorded the information. A, B, C etc represent student names.




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