It’s All in The Wording

22 07 2015

After each Assessment Task we give the students an Error Analysis sheet so they can list the reason for each error. The list is rather extensive as some students call similar reasons by different names and some need a wide variety of categories by which to label their mistake.

During our Mathematics faculty meeting it was mentioned that some students hate filling out the sheet. I believe this is due to their not fully understanding the purpose of the system. Teaching is not only explaining a concept but also explaining the reason for a particular method.

In this case, it does not really matter if the label given as the cause for the error is slightly inaccurate. The next step is to see which 2 or 3 or 4 reasons are most prevalent to give the student a couple of areas to concentrate on as they attempt future tasks. There is also a final section where each mistake is represented by a filled-in bubble within 3 categories. This is to identify if the errors are due to carelessness or lack of knowledge or misunderstandings.

All these experiences combine to guide the student in improving their mastery.

The photos below give detail to the specifics of the sheet. 





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