Giving Effective Feedback is a Work For/ Work On Process by Bill Ferriter

22 08 2015

This post provoked me to share my method of giving individual feedback to each student in the class. Each student has different needs. Each student is in a different place and responding their way to the experiences in the classroom. They all want to do as well as they possibly can in the HSC and I want to facilitate this.

Now that the Trials are over I spend part of every lesson in examination conditions. It may only be for 15 minutes while they do the Multiple Choice section of an unseen Trial or it may be the whole lesson (75 minutes) where they can do 3 questions.

The value of the individual feedback comes from their marking their own work. This shows them their every mistake, which I can never do for everyone. They also see how marking is done and what key features are regularly sought. The feedback is almost instantaneous, which cannot be achieved if I do the marking. 

This is an extremely valuable experience and one which rewards the student by seeing their performance improve significantly. 

Incidentally, some questions should be done at home too, to reinforce their learning and to provide as much exposure as possible to examination questions. 





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