Love in the Classroom

26 08 2015

Yesterday a teacher shared what their students had been doing in her class. They were looking at life’s journey and representing it creatively. 

One student shared that “revolution” has the word “love” in it backwards. I’d never seen this before.

It made me realize that the students we struggle to have conform to the classroom boundaries have a love for something different to us. They obviously don’t share our love of the topic being considered. This I knew. I had not really focussed on the fact that their non- conformity was their way of showing us what they loved. 

Now sometimes their disobedience is seen as poor behavior but if we can come to see their “lashing out” as an expression of what really matters to them, then we are on a journey of reform rather than revolution. 

It’s all how we think about the situation. If we can see a difficult situation in a positive light, then our patience will not be so challenged. For example, an “interruption” to what we are doing is an “opportunity” to help someone or build a new relationship etc. This is what experience is all about.

If only I had had this insight 30+ years ago!





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