Revision With Fun

14 09 2015

The final lessons with HSC classes need lots of variety to maintain the interest of the students. 

Besides unseen Trials, students need to ensure the have the basics and know their formulas. 

I do lots of topic summaries with dominos. These can be wooden pieces from floor mats that I’ve deconstructed. These are written on – a different color each side. One color is the question side and the other is the answer side. The first tile normally starts with the name of the topic eg Series. On the back will be written say ‘nth term AP’. The first student says “I have Series” and turns the tile over asking “Who has nth term AP?” The student with the answer says “I have …” And so the summary snakes around the room. Someone always goes to sleep (fails to realize they have the answer) and so another student will notice they have the needed tile or I need to say “Who has….” 

These can be made from cutting up the foam exercise mats available in bargain stores and writing on them with permanent marker or simply using pieces of paper with the relevant information. 

The last tile has “the End” on the back.

Yesterday we used a version of Bingo published by MANSW a number of years ago. It was on the Measurement formulas. They were not allowed to call out Bingo at the end but Measurement instead. Of course someone tried their luck after I’d only given 3 questions when their card had 5 answers. There was also the student who was so excited to finish that they gave a loud scream and I missed that this was their way of saying Measurement. This version actually had answers that were wrong so students really had to that volume of a sphere is 4/3 not 3/4 etc

Then there’s my Thumballs. They’re another post. 




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