Thumballs for Revision

18 09 2015

I use permanent markers to write topic revision on the large coloured plastic balls available from bargain stores etc. They only cost about $3 so they’re a cheap resource. Over the years I’ve designed them for most of the topics for the Mathematics and Extension Mathematics courses. They work particularly well in smaller classes as it doesn’t take long to give everyone a turn and start the second turn etc. 

They generally focus on the formulas for the topic. Series would have questions like nth term AP, nth term GP, sum to n terms AP etc.

At this stage of the course, I use my topic balls. The rules for them are to give the class 5 formulas/key pieces of information from the topic or give as many facts as you can in 30 seconds etc. The students can pass the ball to the next student or back to me and I will throw it to another student randomly.

The Thumballs are so named because you answer the question in the section where your right thumb is, after catching the ball.

The ball in the pictures is colour coded with black for the Preliminary topics and red for the HSC topics. This means it can be used at the end of Year 11. If your right thumb ends up in a red section then you move it to the nearest black section.

I have also included sections where the student asks the teacher to give  the summary. This gives opportunities for the teacher to assist the weaker student or to include higher order information that is regularly forgotten etc.





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