3 Timeless Rules for Making Tough Decisions From Harvard Business

7 11 2015

This is a great philosophy for life, in general. As a teacher with an executive role involving casual cover when someone is unwell, I need to decide what to do about every half lesson for every teacher offsite, every day. And then there’s playground duty as well. By the end of a big week, my brain has ground to a halt. Behind the scenes there’s the day to day decisions involving the students, other staff and policy procedures and changes. 

Of course this method applies to the classroom too. The more routines we have, the safer the students feel, the better our classes proceed and the less exhausted we feel. 

So here’s the summary. 

  1. Build a habit.
  2. Use if/then thinking to routinize unpredictable choices.
  3. Use a timer.

The point about making any decision reducing anxiety and allowing you to move on, is of paramount importance. The less we have hanging over us the better we feel. 




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