The “please” and “thank you” rule

15 11 2015

This article highlights how a small amount of courtesy or respect goes a long way. 

I have been watching how students, whom I don’t know, respond to requests to keep the playground tidy, when I am on duty. My standard phrase is, “Would you mind popping that piece of rubbish in the bin for me please?” I regularly comment that I am aware that they probably didn’t put it there but are sitting in the area and so have a responsibility to keep it clean. If they mention the name of the culprit, I suggest that person be informed by them that the result of their leaving rubbish behind meant their inconvenience of having had to clean up the rubbish. Over the years I see a much better cooperation rate. Knowing names is always the key but the tone of the request is also of paramount importance. And I do thank them for helping me.

There’s nothing like experience, although some teachers are more naturally atune to the ways of students and so gain cooperation more readily.





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