Technology and personalized teaching can improve student performance markedly, according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

16 11 2015

This topic is close to me heart. 

Technology for me comes as 

  1. Livescribe pen to record the lesson as you would teach it. This allows the student to go ahead, catch up on missed work or revise confusing sections. The student is able to fast forward to the relevant section or rewind to hear it again.
  2. Mathsonline and/or Mathletics
  3. Khan Academy

Then there are websites facilitating drill and practice with working. This has always been a challenge because of the symbolism of Mathematics. 

Using a combination of these platforms for variety, via a school intranet, can help meet the individual needs of every student. There needs to be a good system of ensuring adequate engagement with the content and participation in the activities by every student. Then the teacher is able to check with each student where they are up to and help with individual questions.

Read the research results here.





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