Coordinate Geometry Revision Tiles

3 02 2016

To revise a topic I design my dominos differently. They still measure 5cm by 2.5cm but I usually focus on formulae. 

I use a different colour for the front and back of the tile.

The first tile has START with the topic name on it. The back will have the name of the formula.

As the students enter the room I give each a domino. If I have spares I give a second to some of the more focused students. 

I ask who has the start tile. They say “I have Coordinate Geometry Start.” They turn their tile over and say “Who has Midpoint Formula?” Students need to know that the answer side is pink ( in this case) and that the question side is black.

The next student says “I have  

Who has Distance formula?”

The game continues until the final student has THE END as their question. 

When a formula has a variety of forms, I put “or” as a question. This is where it is easy to leave out an option so it is a good idea to record the answers so the teacher can see if a tile has been skipped. It is easy to recall the sequence when the series has just been created but several years later our recall is not always so accurate.

The photos show the front and back of each tile (same order in each photo).

 These can be stored in a ziplock bag between uses.




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