Introduction to Decimal Currency Celebrates 50 Years

15 02 2016

I clearly recall the lead up to 14th February 1966.

We had to learn the conversion that 1d=1c, 2d=2c,3d=2c etc. I could not understand how 2 pennies and 3 pennies both converted to 2 cents. 

I can still add in pounds shillings and pence, even if a bit slowly. I am thankful we no longer need to concentrate on what column we are adding to know whether we are counting units of 12 or 20. All done without a calculator too. 

Initially, it seemed as though we would always need to convert to £sd for the value to have so now. Later came the metrication of distance. That conversion seems to still be establishing, for some, at least.

Here’s some more detail on the event. 





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