The Value of Reflection

5 11 2016

I was in a presentation yesterday which discussed the use of e-diaries and reflection, as part of teaching.

One of the challenges discussed was that of persuading students of the value of reflection. From my perspective, the key point is that as educators we are preparing these people for an average of 5 complete career changes and 17 jobs. This means, that as they reinvent themselves for a new career, they need to reflect on their skills and weaknesses. They need to promote their skills, but they also need to constantly reflect on their weaknesses and develop skills to overcome these weaknesses. The process of constant reflection needs to become a way of life in order to survive to the best of one’s ability. Reflection is a valuable part of lifelong learning.

As educators, we have a responsibility to alert students to this situation. They will not experience working as most of us have – being in the same career all of our life and just changing the location. It is paramount that students develop a strong self awareness, whilst being alert to the needs of their surroundings.

I am regularly sharing the image below, in order to justify my emphasis of the skills I am trying to develop within the students I am teaching.




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