Estimating Wheat Yield

15 10 2017

I recently looked at the growing wheat, in a variety of paddocks, with my brother.

Notice how the tip of the head on the left, has been hit by a severe frost and will only have grain in the lower part of the head, if there’s enough moisture to allow the grain to fill. The middle head is from a different variety, which has a shorter growing time and so the impact of the frost is not as noticeable. The head on the right is a third variety developed for dry conditions. Notice how the lower part of the head is filling wider than the other two.

I then asked how he estimated yield before harvesting.

Being old school he has some quick estimations. Take an average square foot (30cm by 30cm). Count the number of grains. Every 26 grains is 1 bushel. 3 bushels equates to 1 bag. 12 bags equates to 1 ton. The difference between a ton (1016 kg) and the current tonne (1000 kg) is 16 kilograms. This is insignificant in that the whole process is only an estimate anyhow, and yield varies across the paddock. The only precise measurement is what was harvested. This yield is per acre and there are 2.5 acres per hectare. Wow. What a calculation!

There are other methods here but they use a square metre which is more counting than a square foot. 




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