Launch of Mathematics Matters @ UTS Club

26 05 2017

Yesterday saw 16 Year 9 students come to the inaugural meeting of Mathematics Matters @ UTS club. 

Professor Tony Dooley gave the initial address which was on binary numbers.

Then they all went to the Data Arena for a very enlightening experience. Some were even able to use the controller. 3D glasses meant particles came whizzing past us. 

A bacterial colony.

Passing through a tree near a building.

It was such a fun way to start a new venture and to experience history in the making.


Economy of Scale

8 01 2017

I’ve spent the weekend in the city and become a connoisseur of ice-cream prices. These are the prices I’ve seen for 1 scoop or 2 scoops or 3 scoops respectively, at various places.



$6.90,$9.90,$11.90 in a tub

$7.90,$10.90,$12.40 in a cone at the above store



Being that I am a sweet tooth, I am fascinated with the range of pricing structures. A number of the above pricings are in close proximity. My dilemma is which store to patronise. I only ever have to decide between 2 scoops and 3 scoops. 

Then to add to the consternation, I note that a choc top at the theatre is $6. How do you figure that?

The Maths of February 29 by Tony Mann 

29 02 2016

I was fascinated to read this informative article. Enjoy.


Pumping Heart from

14 02 2016

This is brilliant. Thank you Desmos and Luke.



Te Matua Ngahere or Father of the Forest in the Waipoua Kauri Forest

19 01 2016

On Friday I visited the Waipoua Kauri Forest. I was taken by the size of the trees. I was also fascinated that the plaques quote the girth of the tree and not the diameter, which is more meaningful to me. I wondered how many visitors felt likewise and were unable to work out the diameter having forgotten the relationship of diameter and circumference and Pi.

This plaque details the second largest and oldest Kauri tree in the Waipoua Forest.
To capture the perspective, I turned my phone on its side and took a vertical panorama.

The plaque has a decimal point missing in each number where there is a space.   

Creative Measurement

28 12 2015

Prior to Christmas I make chocolate houses as gifts. They contain 1kg of chocolate and are more difficult to make in times of high humidity. 

This year the boards I used were slightly smaller than in previous years and trickier to ensure all the pieces fitted without going over the edge. I tore pieces of tissue the lengths of the sides and front/back and placed them strategically to ensure suitable placement. They were great guides for placing the pieces. However, this method does not ensure the adjoining sides are perpendicular. 

It turned out that there was little or no difference in having the sides outside or inside the front/back. The dimensions were similar either way. 


Educational scavenger hunt provides extra fun and extra credit for students and parents

17 12 2015

This article gives ideas for a Maths Day. The information could be brought to the classroom via photos or videos.

Enjoy planning.