Mathematical Mindsets: Creativity and Innovation by Anthony Jones

29 10 2016

This is a comprehensive review of

Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching by Jo Boaler.

Enjoy the article.


How People Learn

12 09 2015

I’ve just downloaded this free book from National Academies Press.


Viva La Revolution from Jo Boaler

24 04 2015

My greatest honour in attending the NCTM conference in Boston was to meet Professor Jo Boaler and get her to sign a copy of her newest release.

I have just finished reading it- yes I know that’s sad when I’m holidaying in the U.S.
I will give some key points from the preface with the sole intention of persuading you to buy your own copy for thorough digestion.
  • Timed tests and speed competitions can cause early onset of math anxiety for many students.
  • Students with a “growth mind-set”- believe intelligence and “smartness” can be learned- proceed to higher levels of achievement, engagement and persistence.
  • That Maths is a gift is a myth.
  • All students can learn Maths to high levels with good teaching experiences.
  • Working on complex Maths enables brain connections to develop.
  • When students make a mistake in Maths their brain grows, synapses fire and connections are made, and they don’t even need to know they’ve made a mistake, for their brain to grow. Struggle is a component of the key to brain growth. 
A final statement that really struck a chord for me was
and that “all children deserve the very best mathematical future possible.
Thank you Jo for your insight, research and hope that Maths is the No. 1 subject in the near future.

I met Jo Boaler Today

17 04 2015

This is certainly a career highlight. I have been reading Jo’s books for years and following her ideas and online courses. 

I now have a signed copy of her latest book.


Jo now has a Möbius scarf which I knitted.


Following this highlight, I wandered around he exhibition lounge of the NCTM conference for an hour or so. There are over 10000 attendants and over 700 presentations on Maths teaching for all levels of schooling. I am blown away by the number of resources and manipulatives to support Maths teaching. I saw sets of cards on numerous mathematical topics following the idea of I have…. (This answers the previous students question) Who has…. I have been designing tiles, dominoes and paper cards along this line ever since I saw a preschool version drilling vocab or shapes, years ago.

I then came across the stand promoting #MTBoS   (MathTwitterBogosphere) which shares lots of cool Maths ideas and resources. I will certainly be following this up. There is also a website at

And I finished the day by attending the presentation of Jo Boaler. 


That will be a later post to be fair to the presentation.

What’s Math Got to Do With It? by Jo Boaler

1 04 2015

For more details and where to order this new release see here.


Differentiating Math Instruction by William Bender – a Brilliant Resource

10 09 2014

Prior to lending this book to my pre-service teacher I scanned the points I’d highlighted.

Here are a couple which are paramount to the successful teaching of Mathematics, even if they seem obvious.
– connect new concepts to previous learning
– use students to teach groups, revise content, summarise concepts, peer tutor etc, hence adding variety to your lesson structure
– the process of learning Maths is very complex and so requires a lot of motivation
-no answer is wrong, merely the answer to another question
– information presented in a variety of ways is more likely to be retained over a longer timeframe.


Expertise in classroom teaching

28 04 2014

I have been reading Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn by John Hattie and Gregory Yates with a group of teachers from school. We meet weekly to discuss the book chapter by chapter.
The chapter on expert teachers concisely expresses the most important characteristics of an expert teacher. Two pages are particularly informative. Enjoy reading the key points contained on them.