Can Early Mathematics Instruction Boost Student Success

15 11 2017

Read here for the details.


Ancient Indian mathematical document earliest known use of zero, carbon dating reveals by David Coady

16 09 2017

This article reveals that Ancient Indians were using a symbol for zero hundreds of years earlier than historians previously believed. 

The 400-year-old Kepler Conjecture that your local greengrocer knows how to solve

22 06 2017

This afternoon the second meeting of the “Mathematics Matters @ UTS” Club will occur. 

I intend to share this article with those attending, as I endeavour to foster the enthusiasm I hold for many things mathematical.

Mathematicians Have Discovered a Prime Conspiracy

17 04 2016

This article about the connection between consecutive prime numbers makes for fascinating reading  .


Happy Pi Day From Adam Spencer

14 03 2016

Check here for an explanation of Pi.


The Maths of February 29 by Tony Mann 

29 02 2016

I was fascinated to read this informative article. Enjoy.


The Math Revolution from the

16 02 2016

What are we doing about this in Australia?

Children should see math “for what it is: a tool for critical thinking.