8 teacher-loved edtech tools to try in 2017 by Scott Ragin

21 12 2016

Is there something new for you here? I’m off to investigate Plotly.


The Best App for Your Coursework Isn’t a Single App by Beth Holland

25 09 2016

Here are some resources to check out. Enjoy.

Tripit App

23 04 2015


As we travel the U.S. My husband has been using the Tripit app to record our commitments. 
He has entered each commitment with the location and so the reminders come in local time. 
The strength is that as the departure time of a flight looms you are texted the terminal and departure gate. The other day we were even updated when the the departure gate was changed. 

2048 app

22 04 2015


I learnt about this app on one of my recent flights. 

The tiles combine to give powers of 2. Initially you have some 2’s which you need to swipe vertically or horizontally to combine. As part of the combination process some more 2’s will appear on the screen. This is how a recent game started.


Swiping left to right anywhere on the screen yields (notice how everything able to move to the right does- a complication to the best of plans to get the score you wish for.)


And then an upwards swipe gives


 With a bonus 2 appearing.  

You continue until you have no more room on the screen. The goal is to combine tiles to get the tile 2048.

Notice how you gain scores for each move too.


Sudoku App

19 04 2015

I have discovered another app I like whilst entertaining myself on flights.

By tapping a square and then tapping the number you wish to insert you can complete the whole sudoku quickly and efficiently. 
Tapping one number highlights all the other similar numbers on the grid. This makes concentrating on the task of completing one number at a time so much easier and quicker.
You can use the pencil option to record possibilities for the placement of a number prior to being certain of the exact position.


PhotoMath app shows working for typed linear equations using phone camera

25 10 2014

The PhotoMath app was released earlier this week and is proving popular.
Here are 2 blogs giving further details. Newsdiscovery and DanMeyer

I’d like to use it with my students to see how complex an equation they can write and have the app solve.
Try it for yourself.

FluidMath 2014 app

24 08 2014

This app is not free but cheap.
It converts hand writing to text. It is also possible to graph straight lines, parabolas etc.
There’s also gliders.
The tutorial gives a good explanation of your options.