23 Websites for Teachers by Laura Ascione

16 03 2018

Here are the details. Thank you Laura.


Maths=love blog

11 03 2018

A friend reminded me of this site the other day. Thank you Heather.

There are lesson plans too, which is what I’ve previously seen.

Girl’s Education – Free Online Course

11 12 2016

I’ve been participating in a free online course on Girl’s Education. I believe you can still start via this link.

The highlight for me today is this video from Carol Dweck

5 Ways Teachers Can Participate in Their Own Professional Development by Brad Spirrison

22 09 2016

This blogpost gives some great ideas for participating in PD at a time convenient to you. Enjoy. 

Recipes for surprising Mathematics from Dan Meyer

16 06 2016

I love this approach. Thanks Dan.

When teaching probability and trialling the outcome of tossing a 6 sided dice 50 or 100 times I always select a group who are asked to refrain from conversation as the class discusses their results. They are primed to say that they have obeyed the same instructions as the rest of the class. This group have dice with 4,5,8,10 sides etc. 

For the purpose of discussion I project the class results for tossing  1,2,…,5,6. 

As the class members enter their results conversation starts about the chosen group. They are accused of cheating or not doing as told. Finally someone will realise that the group have dice with a different number of sides to theirs. 

The Maths of February 29 by Tony Mann 

29 02 2016

I was fascinated to read this informative article. Enjoy.


Amazon Launches Mathematics Education Movement

6 02 2016

I am excited to discover this information and website.

One student quotes “Maths esteem is self esteem”.