Written in stone: the world’s first trigonometry revealed in an ancient Babylonian tablet by Daniel Mansfield and Norman Wildberger

27 08 2017

Read this article for the developing history of trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem.


Latest News From Professor Jo Boaler

25 08 2017

Here’s the latest update on You Cubed. Be sure to sign up for future news.

Financial Mathematics Game

22 08 2017

I have been looking at the Advanced Mathematics syllabus and have been provoked to create a Financial Mathematics Game. With minor editing it is appropriate for the current topic of Series and Sequences in Mathematics.

Financial Mathematics Game

Betty and Jim’s Journey into Complex Numbers by Matt Bower

19 08 2017

Reading this article in the Manly Daily this morning prompted me to reference the book I read to students in Mathematics in Year 9 and beyond. When introducing work on decimals and fractions etc I introduce the context by reading as far as the square root of negative 1, which I explain will be covered in Extension 2 in year 12. This is again relevant as an introduction to complex numbers. 

Enjoy the read

Networks Games

14 08 2017

Recently I prepared a number of games on the topic of Networks for teachers to use to assist students in their learning of the terminology.

These were recently published by MANSW in Reflections.

I’m uploading the original files to assist in editing in whatever way anyone sees fit. The first link contains the instructions for each game.

Networks Games

Networks matching

Networks Treasure Hunt

Networks Treasure Hunt Answers

Networks Game

Networks definitions

Extension Mathematics Game

13 08 2017

Here’s a game for Extension Mathematics students. It revises the components of Combinations and Permutations.

Combinations and Permutations Game.

Mathematics Games

12 08 2017

With students returning to class after completing their Trials, my mind turns to interesting ways to revise the basics which include each student.

I’m uploading a template of a Treasure Hunt which will work for any topic. I have written 3 Financial Mathematics questions. I sometimes use more questions. My approach is generally to write a set of questions for the whole topic and then I use whatever is relevant to the circumstances. I must acknowledge that Ben Bridges showed me this technique years ago, and I have used it ever since.

Financial Mathematics Treasure Hunt