3 Tools to Help Manage Learning by Monica Burns

11 10 2017

These ideas are relevant to any teacher, irrespective of their teaching experience. Thank you Monica. 


Meaningful Mathematics Games by Michelle Russell

23 09 2017

Here are some great ideas to engage students whilst reinforcing the relevant content.

Ancient Indian mathematical document earliest known use of zero, carbon dating reveals by David Coady

16 09 2017

This article reveals that Ancient Indians were using a symbol for zero hundreds of years earlier than historians previously believed. 

How the Google Suite Can Enhance Open-Ended Mathematics Exploration by Katrina Schwartz

11 09 2017

This article details how to use Google Suite with many of Jo Boaler’s teaching strategies.

How Magic Maker Cubes Can Increase Collaboration by Kriscia Cabral 

1 09 2017

This activity could also be used to summarise the properties of a cube including the area of a face and the volume of the cube. This could be repeated for a rectangular prism etc.

Alternatively each face could have a different problem to be solved in pairs etc. Each student might take a turn to choose the problem to solve. Perhaps revision of the properties of the cube could be discussed as the cube is cut out and assembled. 

Ink blots, Dots Are Used to Teach Mathematics by Steve Wyborney

29 08 2017

See this article for numerous connected ideas in the teaching of Mathematics. Thank you Steve.

Written in stone: the world’s first trigonometry revealed in an ancient Babylonian tablet by Daniel Mansfield and Norman Wildberger

27 08 2017

Read this article for the developing history of trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem.