Latest News From Jo Boaler

8 05 2017

Here’s the most recent  news from Jo Boaler. Be sure to sign up for future editions. She is coming to Australia in July. 

What Would Happen If Students Assigned Their Own Maths Homework? By Margie Pearse.

6 05 2017

Here’s another perspective to homework or home learning as it is termed at the school where I work. 

Do You See What I See?

29 04 2017

One of the professional development sessions at the beginning of the year was to spend an hour in a classroom filled with stimuli such as photos, objects, books, craft items etc where we were to record our reactions.

Being the single minded Maths teacher that I am, I looked for ideas to supplement my classes. 

This book was a great catalyst. 

I immediately thought of Möbius Strips and love hearts.

Next time I show students how to do this I’ll start with an excerpt from the book.

And for instructions on creating the hearts follow this link.


Graphing and Writing by Meghan Everette

19 04 2017

Here are some ideas and resources to support the literacy of Mathematics. 

With Maths, Seeing is Understanding

8 04 2017

This article gives several examples of connecting visuals to mathematical concepts. 


5 04 2017

Plickers is a free app which uses QR codes -63 different versions – to allow students to answer multiple choice questions without the student beside them knowing the response. Students turn their card to have the letter of their chosen response uppermost. 

Then the teacher scans the room using the app on their phone (android or iPhone) or iPad and the responses are collected. I have made answer B correct to demonstrate how quickly the teacher can recognise how many students are giving the correct response. The numbers above each response indicate how many students are giving that response and the names are the names of the two students I entered for the test situation. 

It is possible to assign specific cards to individual students, via the app or on the website. It would be possible to give a student their own card to keep in the front of their book or to carry a class set. 

I have created a set of 5 Demo questions which can be used on any occasion without having previously created specific questions. 

It is possible to create a number of classes to align with the classes being taught. 

A very versatile app and totally free. 


4 04 2017

Zipgrade is an app for grading multiple choice responses. It is free for the first 100 uses per month and not expensive for unlimited use. Answer sheets in a variety of sizes are able to be downloaded from here. Student ID can used on the larger question response forms. I have even used the 100 question form printed 4 to a page without issue.

There’s the ability to import student names via a csv file and to likewise export the results. Marking is almost instantaneous when you line up the squares on the scan area with the black boxes in the corners of the student response sheet.


All response sheets are recorded for future consultation and analysis of  the results is made. My trial quiz had 5 questions all with answer A. Notice how my response sheet with 10 answers scanned. I deliberately tested having 2 answers for question 1.

Other screen prints are included here.

This is currently my favourite app as value for money and functionality.