Betty and Jim’s Journey into Complex Numbers by Matt Bower

19 08 2017

Reading this article in the Manly Daily this morning prompted me to reference the book I read to students in Mathematics in Year 9 and beyond. When introducing work on decimals and fractions etc I introduce the context by reading as far as the square root of negative 1, which I explain will be covered in Extension 2 in year 12. This is again relevant as an introduction to complex numbers. 

Enjoy the read


John and Betty’s Journey into Complex Numbers by Matt Bower

12 10 2014

Seeing the Extension 2 class sitting on the floor listening this story being read to them reminded me of how wonderful this book is. It’s the ideal way to introduce Complex Numbers to the Extension 2 class but also Surds to Year 9 or 10. There’s something magic about having a story read to you in Maths.