Rough-Draft by Dan Meyer

12 03 2018

Here’s a new approach in developing mathematical accuracy. Thank you Dan.


What does a line look like? From Dan Meyer

2 04 2017

Here’s a good app and strategy when teaching linear equations.

Thanks Dan. 

A new dimension to Thales Theorem thanks to Dan Meyer

6 06 2016

Thank you Dan for this approach.

How “Three Act Tasks” Can Help Students Learn Mathematics.

25 05 2016

Find the details here.

Dan Meyer in Summary

24 08 2015

I have been a follower of Dan Meyer’s blog for a long time. 

Several of his recent series have been very interesting. I reference his blog here to enable you to look for yourself for some ideas you can easily implement into your classroom. For Progressive Ideas of Teaching Mathematics

17 07 2015

Further to my last blog, here are some more ideas to challenge your current pedagogy.

Thank you Dan Meyer and friends, for being proactive in enabling us to access the ideas of others.


If Exponent Rules Are Aspirin, Then What Is The Headache? From Dan Meyer

5 07 2015

Read this article for another clever example for getting straight to the point of the method when teaching Mathematics. My experience is that collaborating with other practicianers always results in tips such as this, which improve our classroom delivery.