It’s Not Easy Being Tween by Cheryl Mizerny

31 03 2018

Here are some ways to support students along their learning journey. Thank you Cheryl.


What Would Happen If Students Assigned Their Own Maths Homework? By Margie Pearse.

6 05 2017

Here’s another perspective to homework or home learning as it is termed at the school where I work. 

Helping With Maths Homework(When You Don’t Understand) by Philip Cummings

15 10 2015

This is a brilliant summary of how to help children with their homework/home learning as they develop their skills and independence in learning. A really good example of how to support children in their educational journey without doing their work for them. 


Reforming Homework

26 01 2013


This book gives great detail on all the theories and considerations relating to homework.

It looks at the topic from the perspective of the student, teacher and parent.

It has provoked me to give more variety in the tasks I set.

I recommend this as an informative and challenging read.

Some of the key considerations for a teacher setting homework are

  • allow choice
  • give quick feedback
  • give more than drill and repetitive exercises
  • give activities that are interesting and important
  • choose activities students can do