Latest News From Jo Boaler and the Team

24 04 2018

Here’s the latest update with links to some exciting resources. Thank you Jo and team.


Rethinking Giftedness Film From Professor Jo Boaler And Youcubed

10 11 2017

Here’s the latest news from Professor Jo Boaler, including a video on Rethinking Giftedness.

How the Google Suite Can Enhance Open-Ended Mathematics Exploration by Katrina Schwartz

11 09 2017

This article details how to use Google Suite with many of Jo Boaler’s teaching strategies.

Latest News From Professor Jo Boaler

25 08 2017

Here’s the latest update on You Cubed. Be sure to sign up for future news.

Register Now For Strong Brain Connections = Better Learning Webinar Tomorrow

25 05 2017

Register here for the webinar occurring tomorrow. If the time does not suit your schedule a link to a recording will be emailed within a week. Don’t miss out. 

No Such Thing as a Maths Person by Perri Klass

17 05 2017

Thank you Perri for this informative article. 

Latest News From Jo Boaler

8 05 2017

Here’s the most recent  news from Jo Boaler. Be sure to sign up for future editions. She is coming to Australia in July.