No Such Thing as a Maths Person by Perri Klass

17 05 2017

Thank you Perri for this informative article. 

Latest News From Jo Boaler

8 05 2017

Here’s the most recent  news from Jo Boaler. Be sure to sign up for future editions. She is coming to Australia in July. 

Proving a Conjecture with Steven Strogatz

19 02 2017

Here’s a video outlining the procedure of proving a conjecture. This comes from the youcubed site.

New Online Course: Mathematical Mindsets With Dr Jo Boaler

2 02 2017

Read all about it here.

Mathematical Mindsets: Creativity and Innovation by Anthony Jones

29 10 2016

This is a comprehensive review of

Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching by Jo Boaler.

Enjoy the article.

Jo Boaler’s latest 12 Minute Ted Talk

26 05 2016

See it here.

Think It Up Launched by Jo Boaler and her Team

23 09 2015

Here are numerous references supporting the latest research on best practice for learning/teaching Mathematics.

Thank you again Jo and team.