No Such Thing as a Maths Person by Perri Klass

17 05 2017

Thank you Perri for this informative article. 


How to Help Students Crush Math Anxiety by Michelle Russell

31 01 2017

This article gives numerous ideas to support students in their journey towards finding Mathematics more enjoyable.

How to Integrate Growth Mindset Messages Into Every Part of a Maths Class by Katrina Schwartz

10 12 2016

This article has numerous suggestions for developing growth mindset in the Mathematics classroom.

Moderate anxiety may help math performance from The Seattle Times

17 11 2015

“We tend to underestimate the complexity of teaching and learning” best describes how I still feel when I try to design systems to help my whole class.

Read this article for some more considerations in every day teaching, without any clear direction of how to achieve them.


Stress Can Be a Good Thing If You Know How to Use It From Harvard Business Review

21 09 2015

Here’s another article on stress and how to deal with it. I have chosen to do this series as students finalize their time in class before heading to the HSC, as any new perspective could be valuable for their future. There’s also the fact that information can help to alleviate some stress. 


A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Handle a Stress Episode From Harvard Business Review

20 09 2015

This article gives some strategies for keeping stress under control. 

Maths anxiety is stress with another name in an examination or when asked a question in front of the class. I try to teach my students to smile, as that releases the negative effect of the cortisol released under the circumstances. I even give them examination pens with a smiley bead on top, to remind them of what is needed when they experience blank brain during an examination. 

I blogged about this on 14.1.2014


Teaching the Brain to Learn

9 08 2014

I was referred to this article today. It challenges my training as a teacher and the views of society and hence students in our classes.
It also means we have more to consider than structuring the content systematically and completely.
This year, one class particularly bothers me with their conclusions as to their mathematical ability. In an attempt to change that I have been periodically taking them through this student course from Stanford University which addresses many of the student blocks to learning Maths. The course is still open for enrolments and is free to do.