The 400-year-old Kepler Conjecture that your local greengrocer knows how to solve

22 06 2017

This afternoon the second meeting of the “Mathematics Matters @ UTS” Club will occur. 

I intend to share this article with those attending, as I endeavour to foster the enthusiasm I hold for many things mathematical.

Imaginary Oil Spill Mathematics Lesson by Nanci Hutson

3 02 2017

Here’s an idea connecting Measurement to its applications in the adult world. 

Award-winning Hickman teacher tries to take the fear out of mathematics by Micki Wagner

29 09 2016

Here are some ideas for making Mathematics more relevant.

Local students get taste for real world by Kylie Thomas

23 09 2016

I like this idea. Enjoy.

A new dimension to Thales Theorem thanks to Dan Meyer

6 06 2016

Thank you Dan for this approach.

Creative Measurement

28 12 2015

Prior to Christmas I make chocolate houses as gifts. They contain 1kg of chocolate and are more difficult to make in times of high humidity. 

This year the boards I used were slightly smaller than in previous years and trickier to ensure all the pieces fitted without going over the edge. I tore pieces of tissue the lengths of the sides and front/back and placed them strategically to ensure suitable placement. They were great guides for placing the pieces. However, this method does not ensure the adjoining sides are perpendicular. 

It turned out that there was little or no difference in having the sides outside or inside the front/back. The dimensions were similar either way. 


Educational scavenger hunt provides extra fun and extra credit for students and parents

17 12 2015

This article gives ideas for a Maths Day. The information could be brought to the classroom via photos or videos.

Enjoy planning.