The 400-year-old Kepler Conjecture that your local greengrocer knows how to solve

22 06 2017

This afternoon the second meeting of the “Mathematics Matters @ UTS” Club will occur. 

I intend to share this article with those attending, as I endeavour to foster the enthusiasm I hold for many things mathematical.


One way an electrician uses mathematics

26 09 2016

An electrician needs to install 8 light poles. The holes are each 450mm in diameter and 1.2m deep. How much concrete does he need to order to fill the holes, when he can only order it to the nearest 0.5 cubic metre?

A new dimension to Thales Theorem thanks to Dan Meyer

6 06 2016

Thank you Dan for this approach.

Look at this for a wonderful example of Different Scales AND Different Units

16 12 2013

I was fascinated to see this on a map in Hong Kong. Not only is each axis a different scale but each uses different units too.
A definite attempt to be meaningful for people from all countries of the world.


Biggest Prime Number

9 02 2013

I particularly enjoy listening to Adam Spencer when he discusses various mathematical topics on the morning radio.

This week he was talking about the largest prime number, at this point of time.

The graph shows how many digits the largest prime number has had over the years.


Cathy Freeman

25 08 2012

Here’s another practical use of Mathematics. Cathy Freeman ran 400m in 49.11seconds on 25/9/2000. That can be calculated as m/s or km/h etc.

Real Life Mathematics in Year 9

18 07 2012

I always manage to notice more examples of Mathematics in the newspapers over the holidays.

Last week I saw that the Toyota Prius averages 4.4L/100km and costs just under $36000. As a comparison the Holden Cruze averages 6.6L/100km and costs approximately $22000 for the base model. I asked Year 9 to work out how many kilometres a Prius needs to be driven for the petrol savings to equal the lower cost of the Cruze. Then we had a good discussion about being environmentally considerate.