How Magic Maker Cubes Can Increase Collaboration by Kriscia Cabral 

1 09 2017

This activity could also be used to summarise the properties of a cube including the area of a face and the volume of the cube. This could be repeated for a rectangular prism etc.

Alternatively each face could have a different problem to be solved in pairs etc. Each student might take a turn to choose the problem to solve. Perhaps revision of the properties of the cube could be discussed as the cube is cut out and assembled. 


Final Lessons With HSC Mathematics Classes.

13 09 2015

I’ve had the pleasure to direct the consolidation of the two Mathematics classes at our school this year. I team teach with the other teacher.

My goal has been to provide variety whilst I revisit as many topics as possible in the time available. I do ask the students which topic is freaking them out and include that in my plan. 

My strategy includes as many timed unseen past Trial questions as I can. It may only be the Multiple Choice section or a question or the whole lesson. I provide the solutions. They mark their responses as this gives immediate feedback which is pertinent to their needs and as they process the solution they are actually improving the understanding. This is far more powerful than my doing the marking and allows me to better meet the needs of the individual. This way they get more feedback than I could ever provide and I don’t sink with the marking, either. 

I have access to Edudata so that has allowed me to provide Multiple Choice Questions on specific topics. I also refer to  study guides. One I particularly like is Revise in a Month HSC Mathematics

This provides questions covering the basic information and some typical HSC questions. There’s suggested timing for the page of questions with bald answers and fully worked solutions. 

Then there’s the fun part of the lesson. That’s next post.