I met Dan Meyer today

7 08 2014

Dan started our workshop/discussion with three considerations:
1) Albert Einstein said that the formulation of the problem is more important than the solution
2) Daniel Willingham who wrote “Why Don’t Students Like School?” said that teachers rush to give the answer but forget to develop the question
3) What’s the point of a Maths class? Students do not share our enthusiasm for the curriculum. They learn to puzzle and unpuzzle themselves. He claimed the ideal student creates their own question and then has the motivation to answer it themselves, without the teacher.
We then modelled developing a coordinate system by discussing a list of fruit- kiwi, apple, papaya, tomato, pineapple, strawberry, banana and pomegranate as we worked in groups to position them on vertical axes of tasty to untasty in conjunction with horizontal axes of hard to easy. There was an interesting discussion on the definition of easy, with regard to fruit. Further discussion ensued as to the exact positioning within each quadrant, of the pieces of fruit. Following this we broke into groups and chose an object to rate and the categories on the axes.


This provided all sorts of ranking systems. The challenge remaining for my group is to come up with a topic relating to the current investigation of perspectives- our way of relating trigonometry to the sporting field and the positioning of projectors to create the images on the field.

It was an exciting start to an informative session, which I will continue in the next post.




2 responses

8 08 2014

Hi Coral, lovely meeting you. I only regret we didn’t spend more time trading ideas, all of us. I enjoyed what little time we had.

9 08 2014
Coral Connor

Hi Dan,
Lovely to meet you too.
As I mentioned in the workshop, my blog contains my thoughts and ideas for the past few years and hence is a repository to replace a conversation and can be accessed at your convenience.
If you sign up to my blog you will be emailed future compositions.
Keep publishing your developments too.
All the best

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